Bike Month ATX

Bike to school day

Bike to School Day is an annual event that promotes the bicycle as an option for getting to school.

Bike to School Day is on Wednesday, May 8th, 2024.

Participating Schools​

Bike to School Day is a free national event, and all your school needs to do to participate is register using our simple Bike to School Day Registration form and then host the event for your students and staff.

To have a fun and successful Bike to School Day, be sure to take advantage of the additional support available to your school from the City of Austin Safe Routes to School program, organizations like Ghisallo Cycling Initiative and Yellow Bike, and this site. Additional information is available below as well as on the Resources page.

You can check out the participating schools on the map on this page. If your school is participating but not shown on the map, Contact Us to let us know!

Long line of middle school aged cyclists in a bike lane.
Large group of elementary school aged cyclists in a protected bike lane.

Get Free Swag From The City of Austin's Safe Routes to School Program

The City of Austin’s Safe Routes to School program can help you reward your students for riding to school with swag packs containing items like bike lights, slap bracelets, stickers, and more. You can connect with them through their contact form to request a swag pack for your registered school.

They also have a handy pamphlet with tips on planning a “park and walk”. A “park and bike” event can follow a similar formula.

Free videos and tutorials on bicycle related skills

Before Bike to School Day be sure to do an ABCD Quick Check on your bikes or get them tuned up at a local bike shop so they are safe and enjoyable to ride.

Double check that the seat height is right as it will change as the rider grows, and seat posts have a maximum safe height.

Last but not least, adjust your helmet so it fits properly and check that there aren’t any cracks or dents in the shell.

Elementary school aged child working on repairing a bicycle.
Elementary school aged cyclists crossing a street in the crosswalk.

Planning and Pre-Ride

If this is the first ride to school, or the latest of many, it is always a great idea to pre-plan and discuss the route along with any spots where you need to take extra care. Information about Route Planning And Bike Maps is available on the Resources page.

Discuss group ride etiquette because there is a good chance you will be riding around other riders heading to school. If you want to ride with others check to see if your school is hosting a “bike train”.

If you have time, pre-ride the route on a weekend before the Bike to School Event so that you are extra comfortable and know what to expect on the way there.

The Big Day

Bike to School Day is here! Whether you are riding alone, with friends, or with a group of students and adults, you are joining lots of other students, parents, teachers, and community members on bikes across Austin this morning.

Many schools host “park and rides”, “bike trains”, and have Bike to School Day celebrations, photos, and treats when you arrive at school.

Be sure to lock your bike up securely and enjoy the rest of your school day before your ride back home.

Large group of elementary school aged cyclists and adults on Bike to School Day.

More Bike Events

Bike to School Day is only one of many bike events this month.

Bike to School Day Map

Participating Schools will be added starting on 3/25/2024 through 5/5/2024 as additional sites register

Allison Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Baldwin Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Baranoff Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Barton Hills Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Bear Creek Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Becker Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Blackshear Elementary SchoolAustin ISDGhisallo Cycling InitiativeCommunity Bike Trains led by Ghisallo Cycling Initiative and parents.
Blanton Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Boone Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Bryker Woods Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Campbell Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Casis Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Clayton Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Cowan Elementary SchoolAustin ISDSafe Routes to SchoolCommunity Bike Trains led by City of Austin Safe Routes to School and parents.
Doss Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Govalle Elementary SchoolAustin ISDWalk Bike & Roll to School Day with the Safety Patrol, treats, and possibly a Bike Rodeo.
Gullett Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Harris Elementary SchoolAustin ISDBartholomew Park meet-up and then Bike Train to School.
Highland Park Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Hill Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Joslin Elementary SchoolAustin ISDMeet at 7am at Joslin Community Park (next to school) for a Celebratory Ride around the trail.
Kocurek Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Langford Elementary SchoolAustin ISDGhisallo Cycling InitiativeCommunity Bike Trains led by Ghisallo Cycling Initiative and parents.
Maplewood Elementary SchoolAustin ISDCommunity Bike Trains from Patterson and Ella Wooten Parks.
Marshall Middle SchoolAustin ISDGhisallo Cycling InitiativeCommunity Bike Trains led by Ghisallo Cycling Initiative and parents.
Mathews Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Mills Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Oak Springs Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Odom Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Patton Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Pecan Springs Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Perez Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Pillow Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Reilly Elementary SchoolAustin ISDGhisallo Cycling InitiativeCommunity Bike Trains led by Ghisallo Cycling Initiative and parents.
Ridgetop Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
St. Elmo Elementary SchoolAustin ISDCommunity Bike Train led by Principal McCormack and two Walking School Busses lead by the Safety Team with treats and swag at school.
Summitt Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Travis Heights Elementary SchoolAustin ISD
Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary SchoolDel Valle ISD
Cedar Creek Elementary SchoolEanes ISD
Jo Ann Ford Elementary SchoolGeorgetown ISD
Laura Welch Bush Elementary SchoolLeander ISD
Rutledge Elementary SchoolLeander ISD
Bluebonnet Trail Elementary SchoolManor ISD
Northwest Elementary SchoolPflugerville ISD
Parmer Lane Elementary SchoolPflugerville ISD
Wieland Elementary SchoolPflugerville ISD
Caraway Elementary SchoolRound Rock ISD
Fern Bluff Elementary SchoolRound Rock ISD
Laurel Mountain Elementary SchoolRound Rock ISD
Pond Springs Elementary SchoolRound Rock ISD