Bike Month ATX

May Is Bike Month!

Through a month-long celebration of biking, we aim to promote a healthier lifestyle, reduce carbon emissions, and foster a more connected and vibrant community. Join us in spreading the joy of cycling and making Austin a more bike-friendly city all month long.
Group of cyclists casually riding on trail in a park.
Two lines of elementary school students on bikes waiting at a stoplight.
Large group of cyclists riding towards the Texas State Capitol.
Line of older adults on upright trikes in a cycletrack.

Resources to Get You Biking

Educational videos, clinics, maintenance checks, maps, and more.

Signature Events

City Wide, Group, and Self-Paced
Line of elementary school students on bikes.

Bike to School Day

Bike to school on Wednesday, May 8th. Bike, walk, or roll to school with students all over Austin, plus treats!

Large group of cyclists in front of Austin City All on Bike to Work Day.

Bike to Work Day

Bike to work on Friday, May 17th. Free fueling stations, City Hall Celebration, and an after-work After Party.

Group of people listening to a story at night.

Bike Story Night

An unforgettable evening where we come together to share the magic of storytelling and the joy of cycling.

Old style city planning map.

Woven in Among Us

Go on one or more self-guided tours about Austin's history, people, and places. Exercise and education in one.


Schools Participating

in Bike to School Day (5/8/2024)


Fueling Stations

on Bike to Work Day (5/17/2024)


Station Partners

on Bike to Work Day (5/17/2024)


Bicycle Commuters

on Bike to Work Day (5/17/2024)


Activities & Events​

hosted by groups across Austin

The Benefits of Biking


Improved cardiovascular fitness, stronger muscles, greater coordination, and general mobility.


Better brain function and focus by increasing oxygen and the connectivity in the brain’s gray matter.


Reduces stress and elevates your mood by releasing endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.


Decreases use of nonrenewable resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

All Ages & All Abilities

Bike Month is for all riders, even prospective ones!

Community Bike Events All Month

May would be just another month in Austin if you didn't make it Bike Month. There are events all month long for you to enjoy!